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Working Our Way Out

I like this title, but it might be a smidge misleading. If I hadn't written this post, and I saw this title, I might assume it's about how educators are over-worked, over-expected, over-overed, and that's why we are leaving the profession by the droves.

While some (maybe all?) of that might be true, unfortunately that's not what this piece is about. This piece is about the power of drawing upon your personal experience, THEN turning to your PLC (professional learning community) or team for support, collaboration, and guidance. There are a few other circles involved but I really don't even want to focus on those because part of our collaboration crisis is that we jump over our colleagues (aka, PLCs) and run straight to our search engines and principals to hope to find answers out there. Outside of ourselves. Outside of our classrooms. Outside of our colleagues.

I was working with a team the other day, and as we reflected, I drew a quick image of these circles on a piece of chart paper. Smack-dab in the middle is you, me, self, the teacher/leader/coach/whatever your role. As a group, we talked about the tendency of their teachers to turn and run to the next new idea, all of time, and then there was no real way to pause, reflect, or get as James Clear says 1% better in their existing practices. There was little refinement of strategies or tools, but rather, just a jumping to the next, next, next.