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About Carrie 

It's so nice to meet you.

I'm a teacher, leader, former PLC leader,  author and consultant who uses my pioneering spirit to coach, encourage, and support. Through intentional relationships and whole-hearted conversations, I believe we have the power to transform the learning
experience for all.

Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Communities Coach

People always say there's a special place in heaven for middle school teachers, and I happen to believe they're right. Well, almost right.  Teaching middle schoolers IS  heaven for some of us, and when I think about my experience as an educator, I am proud (and some would say crazy) to say middle school is still my favorite place to be. 

I love teachers. It's as simple as that. I believe that teachers are hard-working, passionate, creative people--and our world is a better place because of them. Teachers have shaped every aspect of my life, and I believe it's my purpose in life to help create the supportive, nurturing, dignified learning environments for both them and their students. 

In my educational leadership roles, I have personally witnessed the impact empowered teachers have on classrooms and learning, and it's my passion to help coach and shape school leaders to continually grow their teachers--love them through the process. 

In 2021, I co-authored Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership. I have served as a learning specialist, school administrator, and adjunct professor at Butler University.  I have coached 40+ districts, schools, and teams as they seek to strengthening their professional learning communities and processes.

Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Communities Coach

I'm also a mother of two and a wife to my husband, Brad, who is a special education teacher himself.  I believe that educators and leaders need time and space to be more than who they are inside the school walls; we need permission to be vulnerable, loving, connected human beings.  

As a former English teacher at heart, I love writing and reading (though I'll choose nonfiction 10 out of 10 times) and I geek out over philosophical conversations about learning, leading, and loving. 


Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Communities Coach

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Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Communities Coach
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