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Your Step-by-Step Guide

The Complete Guide for Implementing Professional Learning Communities is my playbook for working with teams who want to develop and implement professional learning communities. I'm sharing the strategy and tools so that you can create your own systems within your team. 

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What's Included

  • 35 page document

  • Links to resources

  • Guidance on research and planning before implementation

  • Sample PLC Summit agenda 

  • Sample PLC agenda

  • Sample building leadership team agenda

  • Curriculum Warehouse document

  • Sample Curriculum map/pacing guide

  • Examples of student-centered assessments

  • Resources and blogs to use with instructional leaders

  • PLC feedback prompts/stems

  • Guidance on data collection templates

  • Leadership plan for continued growth

How Do We Build Authentic PLC Teams?

When we invest in our leaders, we strengthen our systems.

Carrie Rosebrock, PLC Coach
PLC Course

Free Course with Carrie Rosebrock

30 Minutes, Instructional Leaders

District Access Course Bundle

Support the growth of your professional learning teams with our virtual courses and workshops. Use the 45-60 minute recordings during Instructional Leadership Team meetings, PLCs, or faculty meetings. Your purchase allows lifetime access to the courses you select. Click on any course to learn more about what is included in the asynchronous session.

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Individual Bundle Options:

  • Choose 3 courses, $199.99 (savings of $100)

  • Choose 4 courses, $249.99 (savings of $147)

  • Choose 5 courses, $299.00 (savings of $196)

  • Choose all 6 courses, $349.oo (savings of $245)

District/School Access Bundle Options:

  • Choose 3 courses, $5,000 (savings of $1,000)

  • Choose 4 courses, $6500 (savings of $1500)

  • Choose 5 courses, $8,000 (savings of $2000)

  • Choose all 6 courses, $10,000 (savings of $2,000)

Sessions are created and presented by Carrie Rosebrock and/or Sarah Henry. Slides access to sessions as well as relevant handouts and materials are included with purchase. To purchase: contact Carrie Rosebrock, and once your selections are made, you will receive links to access all materials. 


PLC Organization Made Easy(ier)

Admin PLC Dashboard
Whole School PLC Data Dashboard
PLC Data Dashboard
Central Office Dashboard
Admin PLC Dashboard Whole District Bundle

Bundle Includes:

  • Editable Central Office Dashboard ($9.99 value)

  • Editable Admin PLC Dashboard access for all buildings ($29.97+ value)

  • Editable PLC Data Dashboard access for all buildings ($149.97+ value) 

Total Value
Based on 3 buildings: $189.93
Based on 5 buildings: $
Based on 9 buildings: $549.81

Your Price:
PLC Course

Lifetime PLC Course Access

PLC Course
Strengthening PLC Feedback
  • Establish clarity and purpose of PLC feedback

  • Determine key types of feedback to provide PLC teams on a weekly basis

  • Identify and reinforce positive aspects of meaningful PLC conversations 

  • Collaborate and improve feedback processes with other coaches and administrators

Carrie Rosebrock, PLC Coach

Writing Recording with Carrie Rosebrock

Launching (2).png

90 Minute Virtual Course
Lifetime Access
Group Pricing Available

  • Determine the top 6 research-based strategies for improving analysis in reading

  • Clarify expectations around constructed response writing for students and teachers 

  • Gain next-day mini-lessons that move your students beyond choppy, acronym style responses (that honestly do not demonstrate thinking or analysis!)

  • Register to receive video file, slides, and learning guide (including mini-lessons)

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