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The tools to grow your leaders: Any time, Any where.

When we invest in our leaders, we strengthen our systems.

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Free Course with Carrie Rosebrock


Master Class with Sarah Henry

4 Virtual Sessions
District and Building Leaders


30 Minutes, Instructional Leaders

6-Part Leadership Course

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PLC Leadership 101

This 6-part, self-paced course is designed for teacher leaders in mind. Whether you are brand new to leading professional learning communities, or you want an engaging reminder, this course offers tangible tips, research, and strategies from Carrie Rosebrock, former PLC leader and PLC coach.


Built for administrators, teams, and teacher-leaders alike, this course offers a flexible, immediate support to strengthen PLCs. Together, we will: 

Identify leading research that verifies the impact of professional learning communities as the number one influence on student learning and achievement.

Explore the impact of safety and clarity on teams, especially during organizational change.

Analyze the key components of a PLC from both the micro (weekly) and macro (district) level.

Discover the power and purpose of the PLC leader as the lead facilitator of the team

Identify predictable group dynamics that impact teams, especially in this work.

The course is accessible through Canvas, and each module contains approximately 30 minutes of learning. 

What's included?

Readings, Short videos, Activities, Tools to use with your teams



Individual Rate, $200

School Access, $3000 (or whichever is less)

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About your instructor

Carrie Rosebrock is the founder and lead coach for Rosebrock Consulting. She is a former PLC leader and English curriculum coach for top school district in the state of Indiana. She is the co-author of Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership.  Carrie has supported over 35 districts and organizations, impacting 20,000+ educators, through alignment processes. 


The key component of ensuring thriving PLCs is to equip and support teacher leaders through the process. As a PLC leader herself, she understands the delicate balance needed from teacher leaders who guide these conversations.  She blends her experience with current research (and a bit of humor and reality) to create an engaging self-paced course.  


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