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Join Launching Our PLCs Master Class with coach Sarah Henry, 6:30-8:00 EST

How will you grow your teams?

Choose your FREE resource below to strengthen your instructional teams.

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Start or reset your PLCs each year with this 3-4 part, editable slide deck.

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Utilize Visible Learning research to enhance your intentional literacy design.

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Organize school or district curriculum maps with a click of a button!

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We believe in people, not programs.

District Alignment Coach

Let's collaborate.

Carrie Rosebrock is a former district specialist, curriculum administrator, and secondary ELA teacher. She is founder of Rosebrock Consulting and co-author of Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership. Carrie has supported over 35 districts, impacting 20,000+ educators all with the goal of strengthening internal district leadership support.

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District Alignment Coach

Facilitation is key. 

Sarah is a District Alignment Coach who works with teams and individual leaders to develop strategic, simplified instructional plans. As a former Secondary Science Administrator, PLC coach, and science teacher, she brings 21 years of experience to her teams. 

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How does 1:1 coaching work?

After initial, free consultation call, your coach will help you create the coaching structure that best suites your needs.  Coaching sessions are typically scheduled for 1 hour and begin at $200.  

Your coach will help you design, process, and reflect on current systems and professional development opportunities within your district and/or building.

We make every effort to schedule coaching sessions at times convenient to our clients. Should you need to reschedule a session, we are happy to accommodate, as long as our schedule allows. 

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Group Coaching,
Consulting & Workshops

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Onsite Group Coaching

Coaches provide 1:1 or small group coaching related to PLC practices. Coaches meet with teachers during prep periods, eliminating the need for subs. 

Early, clarifying coaching for teacher leaders often provides the clarity and assurance needed to move teams forward at a faster rate than scheduled e-learning sessions.


Coaches may observe and model as well.

Coaches also provide planning sessions with leadership teams (at building and district levels). 

Full day coaching rates begin at $1500.

60, 90, and half day coaching sessions options depending on availability. 

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Workshops and PD

Our coaches provide onsite, initial and on-going district trainings related to Professional Learning Community practices that work.  

We recommend initial trainings for administrative teams, followed by trainings for teacher-leader teams. 

In addition to PLC-related trainings, we also provide customized workshops and sessions for partner districts and schools. 

Full day workshops and professional development rates begin at $2500

Because a half-day session often requires a full day of travel and preparation for our coaches, a full-day rate may apply. 

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PLC Leadership 101

Our six-part, online course provides leaders all of the tools needed to understand, facilitate, and lead impactful professional learning communities. 

Designed for both new and new(ish) teacher leaders and administrators, PLC Leadership 101 is a Canvas-based, synchronous course that allows leaders to grow at their own pace. 

The course contains approximately 3 hours of learning, total, and is a great alternative to in-person, live support. 

PLC Leadership 101 is $200/person or $3000/school (whichever is more cost effective). 

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