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Dr. Jim Snapp, Former Superintendent Brownsburg Community School Corporation

Meet Dr. Jim Snapp

As good as we are, how can we get better?

As leaders, we face this question each and every day. In fact, this is the question that drives my purpose in education.  I believe it's possible to both recognize the good work that's done in our schools and relentlessly pursue improvement for our students.

I've also learned that I'm not alone.

When processes for improvement are misunderstood or fragmented, growth is nonexistent. Fortunately, the solutions are hiding in plain sight. It is not only possible, but imperative, that we create collaborative cultures that increase student learning. 


We are honored to share that our mentor and former superintendent, Dr. Jim Snapp, is transitioning into a role as a leadership consultant. Jim is the recently retired Superintendent of the Brownsburg Community School Corporation, and he was one of the pivotal leaders who guided the transformation we write about in Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach in School Leadership. Jim was the first person to read the draft of Arrows–before we had a publisher, before we worked with teams–before we knew exactly how its story could impact and support districts around the world. There’s no way we could have experienced or written Arrows without the direct support and guidance from Jim, and we are so grateful for the trust in leadership he has provided us through the years. 


It has been a true honor to earn the trust and partnership of over 40 districts and schools these past three years. Sarah and I are intentional about the relationships we build with our teams, and we are intentional about the consultants we suggest as potential partners. We honestly couldn’t recommend a more experienced leader than Jim to support teams in their systems work and development.


A Brief Introduction to Dr. Jim Snapp: 


Dr. Jim Snapp recently retired as Superintendent of the Brownsburg Community School Corporation after 39 years in public education as a teacher, assistant principal, middle school principal, K-12 Curriculum Director and assistant superintendent before returning to Brownsburg in July 2010 when he was appointed to the superintendency.  Jim taught graduate courses in curriculum and principal leadership for over a dozen years as an adjunct instructor at the University of Indianapolis.  His experience with integrated systems of curriculum, instruction, data and professional development within a culture focused on success resulted in dramatic increases in student achievement at all levels. 

Some of Jim's areas of professional development and coaching include: 

  • Developing a strong foundation for launching successful Professional Learning Communities

  • Revitalizing existing Professional Learning Communities to maximize student learning

  • Conducting a Student Learning Audit

  • Focusing professional learning to improve student outcomes

  • Implementing key principles that create a districtwide culture of high expectations

  • Building capacity in leaders to enhance student learning


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