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Let's take a PROACTIVE approach to our PLCs.

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Join Carrie Rosebrock
Proactive Planning + Modeling 
August 19, 2024, 11:30 EST
90 Minute Session 

Almost every educator I know dreads the feeling of wasted time. And for many, looking and responding to data has felt like a total waste. 


It's not because we don't care about our students. It's because usually we've already tried our best attempts, and we're stuck on where to go next. 

The truth is, responding to data doesn't have to be complicated NOR does it have to  fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Also: there is already A LOT of data that tells use what's working (and what isn't) in our classrooms. Rather than waiting to look at analyze data after a unit is over, let's flip the conversation and get PROACTIVE in our approaches.

If you're tired of looking at data from a reactive standpoint, and you're ready to flip the timeline and our perspective on response,


Join me as we:

  • Name the highest impact feedback strategies for student learning progressions

  • Model a proactive planning protocol to use in your PLC teams

  • Center our planning on anticipated struggles or predictable road blocks

  • Brainstorm 4 key elements of design that proactively plan with these struggles in mind

Participants will leave the session with a proactive planning discussion protocol to use with their PLCs the very next meeting (and then again, and then again!) Registrants will be sent Zoom link 1 week prior to our virtual session as well as the access to the recording.

Who is invited:


This session is intended K-12 educators, PLC leaders, entire PLC Teams, administrators and coaches.


Need to pay by PO or invoice, or need to register your district access?


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Helpful PLC Tools to Get you Started:

Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Communities Coach
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