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If Ted Lasso Coached our PLCs

We couldn't help it. We held out long enough. Over this past winter break, my husband and I decided it was time to pay the extra $4.99/month to Apple and hop aboard the Ted Lasso train. And if we're being honest (which we are)--it has yet to disappoint.

Because I'm an English teacher at heart, my mind is usually seeking out connections and meaning between and among stories and our own experiences in life. So of course I'm going to project my own experiences of instructional leadership and coaching onto a show that is all about an open-hearted, vulnerable, humble coach. And if you're a teacher/school leader, and you've watched Ted Lasso, I'd be willing to wager you've also done the same.

Therefore, in the spirit of, "It's the beginning of February 2022, and we could all use a few more loveable coaches in our lives," I offer: