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Top 5 Books to Jumpstart Your PLC Process

We know that according to John Hattie’s Visible Learning research, collective efficacy and teacher estimates of achievement are the top two influences on student acceleration and achievement. When these two elements are married together, professional learning communities, or PLCs, are born. Creating a system is one thing; maintaining and growing it is an entirely different experience altogether. School leadership teams need focused leadership experiences centering on PLC practices, year after year, if districts want to attain high-impact change for their teachers and students.

While writing Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership, Sarah Henry and I were both curricular area administrators who had been a part of a dynamic, structured team in the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. As members of the leadership team, we were able to process through various books, blogs, and texts together, year after year, as we looked for continual growth and sustainable success. Sometimes our district team hit the jackpot with a resource, an