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It's all about connections + context.

Course: Strengthening constructed response


Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Communities Coach

Writing Session with Carrie Rosebrock
Access Recording Session
 + Slides

  • Determine the top 6 research-based strategies for improving analysis in reading

  • Clarify expectations around constructed response writing for students and teachers 

  • Gain next-day mini-lessons that move your students beyond choppy, acronym style responses (that honestly do not demonstrate thinking or analysis!)

  • Register to receive video file, slides, and learning guide (including mini-lessons)

90 Minute, Virtual Session
$99/Individual Access 
$2000 District/School Access

Helpful Tools to Get you Started:

Synthesizing evidence, Carrie Rosebrock
Surface, Deep, Transfer Literacy strategies, Carrie Rosebrock
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