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PLC Data Dashboard--For Teams!

In a connected post entitled, Admin PLC Dashboard, I shared the need (and access) to our Admin PLC Dashboard. This puppy was selfishly created after I got off the phone with one of my assistant superintendents--and I realized I needed a tool to help the principals and coaches in the district visibly see and track the supports provided to their PLC leaders and teams.

The intent of the Dashboard is to allow administrators a streamlined document to access all important links for PLCs: Agendas, Instructional Leadership Team meeting topics, Curriculum Maps/Pacing Guides, Assessment Calendars, Data Rosters, etc. You can edit the columns and categories, and link all of your needed resources in one place.

This dashboard becomes your admin hub--where you can see how the staff meeting connects to the coaching conversation to the PLC feedback this week.


PLC Data Dashboard--for Teams

We have gotten AWESOME feedback on the Admin PLC Dashboard, and one of the most common comments has been, "I wish there was something like this for our teams to use."

Say no more. We gladly share to you this PLC Data Dashboard to help your teams more effectively organize all of their needed links/documents/data etc. This dashboard is a little different (of course) from the admin version.

This dashboard includes organization for:

  • Common Assessments

  • PLC Data Sheets

  • Strengths and areas of need

  • Teacher/Team Strategy Response

  • Percentage Mastery/Re-take/Revision

  • School Assessment Calendars

  • District Data Rosters

  • Student Grouping Lists

Since most schools/teams already have their own documents for all the items listed above, the dashboard creates the organization system for you to link what you already use all.the.time. But! In one, effective place.

If you need access for one PLC, the PLC Data Dashboard is your tool. However, if you are a school leader who wants/needs access for your entire building--you want to consider the School-Wide PLC Data Dashboard. This resource is very, very similar--except--it provides you templates and tabs for all of your grades/departments.

If you're looking for ways to support your PLC leaders--one of the best things you can do is to provide them with structures and organization to help them maximize their teamwork and brainstorming.

We want our teams to spend their time and energy problem-solving for student needs--not--problem-solving how to find all of their important links and documents.

We hope one or both or all of these dashboards can help you and your team more effectively manage your time so that more conversation can be spent on leading learning in your buildings.

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