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CADI Institute for Instructional Leaders
2024-2025 Cohort

Grow your Leadership within the Four Components of Instructional Development

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The CADI Institute for Instructional Leaders

Curriculum, Assessment, Design & Instruction

As we work with instructional leaders in current or aspiring roles, we often hear, "I'm not exactly sure what to do!"

While part of any job is learning a new role, we believe there's a need for a learning space designed for instructional development and leadership. We've design CADI to provide ongoing learning support and collaboration for current and aspiring instructional leaders. 

As two former curriculum administrators and secondary department heads, we know what it's like to lead learning in the middle-management positions of directors, principals, and coaches. We also know there's a need to grow our teacher leaders who want to remain in the classroom where they impact students on a daily basis. 

The goal of the CADI Institute is to provide instructional leaders with a tangible framework and community that will enhance current approaches to learning in their districts, schools, and teams. 

Your Teaching Team

Experienced,  Empathetic Leadership

Each of the CADI Institute sessions will be co-led by authors and lead consultants, Sarah Henry and Carrie Rosebrock. Working with over 45 school districts across the United States, Sarah and Carrie have a rich experience of coaching and supporting educational leaders in all environments as they seek to enrich their instructional development of teams.

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District Leadership for Curriculum, Assessment, & Instruction

Carrie Rosebrock, CADI

Building Leaders, Principals, Coaches & Building Leadership Teams

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Department Leads, PLC Leaders,  Teacher Leaders, and Aspiring Administrators

This institute is designed for

Dates & Times:

5, 90-Minute, Virtual Sessions

*all sessions are EST

September 5, 4:30-6:00

October 3, 4:30-6:00 

November 7, 4:30-6:00

January 9, 4:30-6:00

February 6, 4:30-6:00

Structure of Learning:

Cohort Model

  • Select Admin or Teacher Leader Cohort

  • 5 virtual, connected sessions from September-February

  • 7.5 Hours of live learning

  • Designed to enhance and enrich current or aspiring leaders' abilities to facilitate work related to curriculum, assessment, design, and instructional leadership

Session Structure

*all sessions will meet via Zoom

  • Whole group opening and discussion

  • New learning related to specific components

  • Cohort breakouts facilitated by Sarah Henry or Carrie Rosebrock

  • Processing, sharing, and collaboration among members

  • Wrap up and next steps 

Session Topics:

Other Considerations: 


Introduction to CADI Institute and sharing of cohort members' experiences with instructional development and design. 

September 5, 2024


Clear, Connected, Core

Explore organizational tools that create clear connections between standards and instruction for all learners and teachers.

October 3, 2024


Aligned, Accessible, Accurate

Determine practical guidelines and tools for teachers to provide feedback to themselves and their peers regarding the quality of their existing assessments.

November 7, 2024


Direct, Deliberate, Diverse

Responding to data requires deliberate, direct scaffolds and extensions; we will practice a proactive planning protocol to intentionally address anticipated struggles. 

January 9, 2025


Intentional, Inquiring, Inclusive

Prioritize engaging, student-centered learning environments by coaching teams to embed checks for understanding, collaboration, and students' lived experiences into their lessons.

February 6, 2025


All participants are expected to join each of the five virtual sessions throughout the year. Sessions will be recorded and shared to members who are unable to attend live. There will be no discount or reimbursement offered to participants unable to make certain live sessions. 


There are no additional materials or purchases required to complete the learning; however, there may be additional learning (such as a short reading or compilation of resources) requested of participants between sessions.  

The virtual learning will occur via Zoom, so it is important that all cohort members log in to Zoom via their own device, even if you are participating in the CADI Institute as a leadership team. 


Individual: $200

Groups of 6-10: $175/per person

School or District Access: Contact us for custom pricing

To register as an individual, group, pay by invoice, or pay by purchase order, indicate your needs on our registration form. 


Contact a team member for further details.

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