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With 20 years of experience in private, charter, and public schools, Yvonne Thompson is an advocate for
students and their teachers. She served in the early 2000s as a curriculum consultant for Brown
University’s Watson Institute of International Studies Choices materials, the Indiana Kids Election
resources, and for the Indiana University for the Center of Global Change. From 2012-13, she worked at
the National Collegiate Athletic Association, reviewing high school curriculum for incoming Division 1
and 2 athletes. She has taught ELA and Social Studies courses at Brownsburg High School and Covenant
Christian High School. She was named the 2016-17 Brownsburg High School Teacher of the Year and while at CCHS, her students were actively involved with the Center for Civic Education’s We the People program.


Closing achievement gaps and providing multi-tiered instruction for all learning levels was Yvonne’s driving force
in the classroom, and her background includes teaching both AP and Co-Teach classes. Yvonne has also
served as an Instructional Coach at Perry Township Schools and Christel House Academy, as well as a PLC leader in both English and Social Studies.  

Yvonne has a B.S. in Journalism, Political Science, and History from Ball State University and a Masters in Education Administration from Butler University. Yvonne’s written work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, and educational websites, including Achieve the Core, PLC Connect and The Indianapolis Star. She spends her free time gardening, reading, camping, and visiting her adult children and grandson with her husband of 34 years. To explore more of what Yvonne does with teams, visit her website at

Some of my areas of professional development and coaching include: 

Creating and Structuring Student-Focused PLCs
Standards-Based Lesson Design and Assessments
Curriculum Mapping, Civics, Social Studies and ELA
Formative versus Summative Checks for Understanding
Literacy Strategies in Content Areas
Civics-Based Learning
Student Engagement
Differentiated Instruction
Rubric Creation 
Strategies for Blended SPED and GENED Classes

Meet Yvonne Thompson

Learning together is key.

I believe in the power of connection and coaching. Through purposeful relationship building, teachers, administrators, students, and families can co-create healing environments for learning and growth. 

Yvonne Thompson
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