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Introducing: Power Hour Sessions

The Situation:
You have some ideas. You've looked at some data. You've sat with your teams, and you want to take action...

You're just uncertain of which actions to take, and in what order. You want to implement a plan or follow-up on an idea, but you're just a little uncertain of if you're on the right track, or not.

A Helpful Solution:

You need a brainstorming partner in a Power Hour Session. We spend hundreds of hours every year co-planning and brainstorming w/ our teams--precisely when they know (or feel) they are on the right path.  Sometimes you just need another voice to bounce your ideas off of...and then you can take action. In our partner districts, we co-plan with:

Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Directors, Principals, Assistant Principals, Coaches, PLC Leaders, & Specialists

Though we do co-plan w/ our partnered districts all the time, we're just starting to open up time slots for new leaders to join in. 

We're opening a waitlist to see who else wants a spot for a Power Hour Session. If chosen, we'll coordinate the date together.

Joining the waitlist will not guarantee you a spot for a session.  Session spots will be held for 3 days before we schedule with the next person or team on the list.  Registering on the waitlist does not commit you to a Power Hour Session, it simply indicates your interest. 
Carrie Rosebrock Professional Learning Community Specialist
Join the Power Hour Waitlist

Connect and co-plan w/ Carrie

We'll keep you updated on your spot in line.

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