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Just-in-Time Responses to Real-Time Data

One of the hardest questions to answer as a teacher, let alone a professional learning community (or PLC) is: What do we do if they don't get? I have personally hit the proverbial strategy wall more times than I care to recall with PLCs I've participated in and also coached. It's a frustrating question because as teachers we wish we knew the answer before we even needed the question.

And, let's not forget to mention the gnawing, pesky little fact that many of us already TRIED what we knew to try the first go-round of teaching the skill reflected in the data. We already reached into our tool box to find the best tools, and now...after trying what we knew to try...we're asking ourselves, "What else can we do?" And we honestly feel a bit lost.

In workshops, I often to turn to the research of John Hattie and his