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Are you ready?

This is an invitation for school leaders and district teams to align their arrows, simplify their vision, and ultimately empower their teachers to be true experts of learning. Although learning is the intended goal of our educational system, all too often, initiative fatigue clouds the focus and creates inequitable learning experiences for our students.  In Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership, we unpack one district's experience of creating and maintaining a culture dedicated to student and teacher learning.


It's an educational good-to-great story resulting in higher achievement, together.

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Praise for Arrows

"In Arrows, Rosebrock and Henry provide an inspiring account of how schools can achieve exceptional results--when everyone in the system focuses, unswervingly, on the improvement of curriculum and instruction. " 

—  Mike Schmoker, author of Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning. 

What is the Purpose of a PLC?

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