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Quick Tutorial: How to Use the Admin + PLC Data Dashboards

I got really excited and I made the thing(s). Then, I shared the things. Then I realized: OMG! I need to teach people how to use the things.

I am sorry. It's April in Indiana, and the sun came out last week. I fear I have been a smidge preoccupied. I apologize.

If you're wondering how to use (or even create) a PLC Admin Dashboard or a PLC Data Dashboard, take a few minutes to explore my simple tutorial. This video models the ins and outs of the dashboards as I explain why I included the various columns and features that I included.

Create your own dashboard, or explore the versions I share. If you want to save yourself time and energy and use ours--you can still edit your boards once you receive your copy. Sometimes it's just nice to already have the bones started for you! It just depends on your preference.

If you're wanting to explore our dashboards, visit the Courses and Dashboards page.

Happy organizing!

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