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PLC Choice Board

So often we work with leaders who are hungry to align their arrows with fellow leaders within their district. Some have read Arrows and learned about our story--while others are just excited to streamline their processes and focus on student growth and achievement.

Regardless of where our leaders come from, they all have a common question: Where do we start? (Read: The District Alignment Process to help out!)

When we initially brainstormed for Arrows, we came up with the analogy of a baseball diamond for a reason: We always start with our why, and then move our way around the bases.

And from a macro, big-picture level, this seems to help (at least for a moment). Teams understand: We need to map our curriculum! Or, We need to figure out if we have any curriculum! Or, Where would we find out curriculum?

You get it--because unfortunately we have all been there.

The truth is, though there is a process/path we can recommend for you to follow through this journey, there are also many, many opportunities for you and your team--together--to determine what you need next. Some schools, leaders, teachers, and PLCs are much further along in their shared understanding than others, and that is okay. Transformation is not a one-size-fits-all journey, and some of us spend more time on 1st or 2nd than others.

Some of us are still trying to get on base to begin with!

One belief that we consistently share is that we need to collectively cut the fluff in education--and that includes for our own professional learning. We draw upon Visible Learning research and our own shared experiences within the highest-performing school district in the state of Indiana, and that's all the more information we need to continue to support teams in this focused, implementation and sustainability work.

Still: We also believe we owe it to our teams and teachers to share usable resources that empower you on your own transformational journeys. We want you to become the PLC experts in your districts--and for you and your team to determine what it is you need next (based on student data).

To help you know which way to go next, we've created this PLC Choice Board.

We break the resources into five sections:

  1. The Why

  2. Leaders (aka, PLC Leaders, aka Teacher Leaders)

  3. Curriculum

  4. Assessment

  5. Supports

Each section provides you with 6 different resources (blogs, videos, resources, etc.) to use as your own personal learning supply stop. You may decide to use this with your entire staff, or pick and choose tools that may fit at any given time. Many of the blog posts contain their own tools and resources linked within, so really--there are A LOT of resources at your finger tips here.

The truthiest truth is: When you realize you need to learn more or grow as a team, you first need to name the need and then create your plan on how you're going to problem-solve.

Is it a Google-Search type of item, or a deeper dive with a book study? Is this a district-need for professional learning, or simply relevant to one team, one school, etc.?

Collective Teacher Efficacy is all about teams determine what is needed based on their real-time results. We love providing insights w/ tools we hope will be helpful, and we are always here to encourage and coach you forward--but do remember: This is YOUR journey and you should be the ones making the decisions that are closest to you!

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