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Little Miss and Mr. PLC

We all know we bring a special personality to our groups and teams, especially when we're asking ourselves to think critically and strategically about our results with student learning.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you try to bring some humor, lightness, and creativity to better understanding your team's totally normal, totally sometimes frustrating dynamics. Analogies are always helpful, and characters especially can do the trick (if you're Encanto fans, we recommend The PLC Madrigal).

Like most everyone else on the interwebs right now, we are in love with these adorable characters from Roger Hargreaves.

In case you're looking for a simple, fun entrance activity for teams to self-identify who they are within their teams, we offer our pics for:

Top 12 Favorite Little Miss and Mr. PLC

How could you use these? Oh we think there are TONS of fun possibilities...and you might even decide to create your own. In fact--that might be a fun twist: simply print the cards and encourage your teachers to rename themselves!

While we know you could get pretty real with these names (ie, Little Miss Never Brings Her Data or Little Mr. Always Going Rogue) we'd encourage you to keep it positive and light. It is still only the beginning of August!

Looking for a PDF Download? There you go!

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