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Teacher Appreciation + Enneagram

There are many things is this world that I love and adore, so I'm bringing two of them together in this week's post. Teachers are, hands-down, my absolute favorite humans. I am married to a teacher, I have family who are teachers, many of my best friends are teachers. And even though I haven't had my own physical classroom in several years, my heart still tells myself, "Hey, you are a teacher! You just teach adults now!"

Teachers are insightful, delightful, hard-working, loving, efficient! people. We care, care, and care some more about everyone in our sphere--students and adults alike.

And because we are so good at what we do, we often don't leave enough in the tank to care for ourselves at the end of the day. This whole idea of self-care sounds great, in theory, but for there to be any chance of us caring for ourselves, we have to first also better understand ourselves.