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Enneagram Type Four: The Creative in a PLC

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Enneagram and Professional Learning Communities, Type Two

According to the Enneagram, a Type Four is sometimes known as The Creative or The Individualist. Motivated by a desire to express themselves as an individual, The Creative is someone who needs to know their uniqueness is valued.

In a PLC, the Type Four is a creative sparkplug when needed. This person is able to look outside of the box--for both their team and their students' benefit. A Type Four may appear less enthusiastic about collaboration at first, as they may worry their individuality might be at risk. If the leader, the Type Four may seem more aloof or less apt to add time to collaboration. They may also offer some of the most creative and engaging lessons for students to engage with.

A Type Four's worst case scenario would look like a group that already has everything planned, decided, copied, and filed. When there is no room for creative expression or thinking, a Four may internalize that as no room for their own self to belong with the team.

A Type Four is usually able to come up with creative solutions for struggles faced by students. Be sure to lean on your Type Four teammates when brainstorming and anticipating the needs of students in upcoming units.

For a Type Four to thrive, allow for brainstorming and curiosity in your planning. When reviewing existing documents, assessments, or plans, create a structured activity for the team to critique or reimagine a lesson or resource. This allows the Type Four to connect and plan with the team, as well as offer and receive creative feedback on shared ideas.

Clarify what decisions are tight and which are loose after the planning is over. Mirror what is shared by a Type Four to affirm their place in the team. Seek creative approaches from them, and praise their unique perspectives as a needed element of the team.

Enneagram Type Four and Professional Learning Communitites

A Type Four at their best is generous, creative, and self-assured. They invite you into their worlds, and occasionally enter into yours. A confident Type Four may be the one to initiate classroom walk-throughs and observations so that the team can learn from each other in action. Be sure to have a strong relationship with your Four friends--as they can sometimes become a bit protective of ideas as "theirs" and may be offended if another teacher uses their ideas without credit.

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