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Enneagram Type Two: The Helper in a PLC

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Enneagram and Professional Learning Communities, Type Two

According to the Enneagram, a Type Two is sometimes known as The Helper or The Giver. Motivated by a need to feel constant connection, The Helper is someone you can depend on and turn to in a group or a team. Underneath their altruistic desire to support is a fear of unworthiness, and their deepest desire is to feel love.

In a PLC, the Type Two is everyone's best friend. This person is highly-relational and driven to find meaning through connection with others. A Type Two is very excited to have a collaborative team to work with, and they value the voices of every member of the group. If the leader, the Type Two may excel at facilitating the conversation in ways that everyone's voice is heard and respected. The Helper may also take personal time to naturally meet with team members outside of the meeting to ensure that all PLC teammates feel supported and seen.

A Type Two's worst case scenario would look like a group that simply does not talk or collaborate. If the team does not share, smile, or connect, the Type Two may personalize this to be their fault (even though it isn't!) A Type Two wants to ensure connection between all members, so to be in a team that does not connect...well that's pretty terrible.

It's also uncomfortable for a Type Two to have to work with people who seem to blatantly rebuke the idea of collaboration or cooperation. Fiercely independent and autonomous teammates may inadvertently hurt a Twos feelings by not seeming to need them.

For a Type Two to thrive, there needs to be space for personal connection, feedback, and creation--together. People who lead Type Twos should ensure that all voices are heard, the team creates decisions together, and there is some time for personal connection to develop. A Type Two wants to accomplish the task--they just want to do it in connection with others.

Avoid dividing up tasks too soon with a Two in your group, and don't assume a Two can't do something on their own just because they prefer to do it with someone else. Ask a Two what they need as they may be the ones always volunteering to help or create what the team needs. A Two finds value in serving others, and they also need to know they are seen and cared for. So tell them often!

Enneagram Type Two and Professional Learning Community

A Type Two, at their best, is warm, connected, generous, sincere and humble. They seek connection so that their teammates may thrive and grow together. They also respect their own needs enough that they create boundaries for themselves regarding social engagements, meetings after the meeting, and volunteering to create the new idea from the team. Essentially, a healthy Two can say no to their teammates and still feel loved and supported.

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