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Teams Take Work

Set the Intention to Hold the Tension

I had a planning/in-take meeting with a curriculum director yesterday. He's in his first year in the role, and prior to serving within this district he had experience as a state specialist and building level administrator. The intent of our meeting was to brainstorm possible supports for his current teams (who happen to be in their initial, roll-out year of professional learning communities/curriculum development). After a few minutes of updating me on the state of the union with his schools, we jointly quipped about how truly difficult this work is and how, as we've both found, if you're not ready to take this on as a district--it's best that you don't.

To be clear--he wasn't suggesting that his current district was unready; rather he recalled work he had started--but then had been stopped--by other districts who realized they weren't ready to dive in to the structure, accountability, and systems required for teams to truly thrive.