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Shame Triggers in PLCs

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Often times our teams run into tough conversations because real fears and insecurities keep us from being open to new ideas and growth opportunities.

Leading shame researcher Brené Brown explains the difference between shame and guilt in this 2 minute clip from a 60 Minutes interview in 2019.

Shame triggers can occur when we least expect them, but it is possible to anticipate these emotions before they occur.

View this 6 minute video, Addressing Shame in our PLCs for staff and PD activities that might help you facilitate conversations with your teams.

This short activity (20 minutes) can be used to help your teams name the hidden fears and shame that might be underlying the tensions they experience. Consider using with your leadership teams, district admin teams, or entire staff.

For a free copy of the slide deck in the video, click here.


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