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English/Language Arts, K-5, Indiana's Updated Standards

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Indiana's Updated Standards English/Language Arts K-5 Document

Per the Spring 2023 Updated Standards - Memo for SBOE, we have begun to compile the standards recommended for approval for Indiana educators. The Indiana Department of Education has done a fantastic job of compiling individual grades into accessible PDF documents, and we are grateful for all of the planning, conversation, and decision-making that has been done by committees of educators across the state.

If you haven't yet explored the files, the Memo shares links to folders that contain:

As another tool to help educators see what standards are now Essential, which remain, and which were reduced, we are in the process of recreating Google Sheets of the standards that show this information. I wanted to compile the standards, grade by grade, so that you could hopefully use this information in your vertical conversations.

The IDOE documents will list the standards in numerical order, and for English/Language Arts, you'll notice a bit of a shift. There are four domains, and some of them (while not unknown to us) are described with different terms than our prior standards.

The four new domains are: Reading Foundations, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Communication and Collaboration.

I am a big fan of the way the new standards are organized and numbered. Rather than labeling a standards RL 2.3, there are simply 10 reading comprehension standards (give or take), numbered 1-10. Fiction, nonfiction, and vocabulary are combined under the reading comprehension umbrella, though if you were familiar with the prior standards, you will see the similarities right away.

The IDOE documents do a fantastic job of indicating which standards are Essential; they are shaded in gray and contain an (E) at the end of the sentence. On this 2023 Reduced Indiana Academic Standards, ELA, K-5, we've pulled the Essential standards up to the top for ease (but that does mean the standards aren't all in perfect numerical order).

I debated on whether to have all of the sheets completed before posting, but as this is a slightly tedious copy/paste process, I figured it was better to share what we get done, when we get it done.

For now, I'm sharing the 2023 Reduced Indiana Academic Standards, ELA, K-5 for you to use (if it helps!) I also highly recommend that you check out the IDOE's links to each individual grade band and standards. Well done!

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