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Enneagram Type Five: The Investigator in a PLC

Updated: 3 days ago

Enneagram and Professional Learning Communities, Type Two

According to the Enneagram, a Type Five is sometimes known as The Investigator. Motivated by a desire to understand, The Investigator wants to know why things are the way they are.

In a PLC, the Investigator likes to question decisions before, during, and after they are made. Their questioning is not disrespectful; it's discerning, and they seek to understand (and support) the decisions and steps made by the team. While they may not be the most talkative on the team, when they do speak--others tend to listen.

Type Five's worse case scenario would be a poorly planned meeting that's all talk and no substance. A Five needs time to ask questions, take apart a plan, then put it back together again with clarity and precision. Working on a team that never questions or thinks critically would be frustrating for an Investigator.

For a Type Five to thrive, visual documents are incredibly helpful. Reviewing standards, pacing guides, lesson ideas, and assessments as a team allows an Investigator a physical activity to capture their ideas and questions. Mapping out the connection between the lesson, formative, and summative assessment would be a great PLC meeting for a Type Five.

Lean in to the Type Five's strength to question, analyze, and connect the dots. Encourage the Five to question the teams' decisions to find holes or uncover strengths. Remember that the Five is always thinking, so don't assume they are disengaged simply because they are quiet. Rather, intentionally invite their perspective to the table.

Enneagram Type Five and Professional Learning Communities

A Type Five at their best may inspire their teammates to think creatively about how to solve a common problem or misconception. Their curiosity makes them a natural when it comes to inquiry-based work. They may not always have the confidence to create materials and documents (fearing what they create may not be as good as their teammates) but they do love to gather and compile the information that is needed. Fives like to feel insightful and wise, so noticing this in a Five teammate will go a long way.

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