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How Do I Guide and Lead My Professional Learning Community?

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  • Clarify the role of the PLC Leader as a facilitator

  • Name and normalize the impact of group dynamics and emotions on team members and the leader

  • Gain tangible tools  you can use to guide your team through tense conversations

  • Learn to embrace the tension as needed guideposts in your conversations

  • Determine actions you can use as the leader to personally ground yourself before, during, and after conversations

  • If you'd like to register a team or need to pay by PO or invoice, Contact Carrie

Live Workshop
July 17, 1:00 EST
w/ Carrie Rosebrock

60 Minute Virtual Workshop
Access to Recording Included
$2,000 District Registration


Helpful PLC Tools to Get you Started:

Summer Sessions Now Open: Launching Our PLCs w/ Sarah Henry

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