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Content + Dignity

Transformational leadership begins by ensuring all students, educators, leaders, and families have equitable access to both content (curriculum, instruction, experience) and dignity (a culture of belonging and value).  

To create equitable access, we must shift the conversation in education. We must collaborate, cultivate, and contemplate. We must see the future of learning and equity before we can create. 

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Ready to set aside your personal comfort for the needs and unity of the collective team?  In education, now more than ever, we need individuals who are willing to lead in a time of transformation. But from where are we leaving and to where are we headed? Which direction should we take, as leaders of learning, in our classrooms, schools, and communities? How do we avoid change for change’s sake, and rather--shift the conversation altogether? How do we clarify the vision of learning? Simplify the impact of highly effective teaching in our classrooms? Create collaborative, empowered space for our teachers and students?

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Carrie R

My heart is in coaching and supporting educational leaders, from classroom teachers to superintendents. I love connecting with educators who are looking for ideas on instructional alignment and leadership. Curious about a strategy that I share or ways that I can support your team? Let's get our conversation started.