• Carrie Rosebrock

The Secret to PLC Success: Group Dynamics

Why do so many professional learning communities experience frustration and ultimately the inability to change both teacher practice and student outcomes? The answer is surprisingly simple: People. Are. Messy.

Yep. I said it. We are difficult, complicated, intimidating, intimidated, defensive, vulnerable, over-bearing, fearful, sensitive, people. And we are also loving, supportive, empathetic, courageous, creative, dynamic, collaborative, encouraging, as well. On our good days, at least.

So why do we find it so hard to collaborate when what we most dearly want and seek out is MORE TIME to learn from one another? Why is it so difficult to thrive in these weekly groups?

Group Dynamics. Thank you Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman for supplying us all with this simple, effective tool for better understanding why we drive each other crazy in group projects and teams.

Check out the short, helpful video to explore this powerful exercise.

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