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To best support you in the process of developing your vision and instructional leadership plans, personalized coaching sessions are a vital component of the alignment process. From the ideation to implementation to reflection on developed processes, leaders need an opportunity to receive support and feedback through the journey. 

Often, we do not need someone else leading the professional development within our districts, we simply need a trusted advisor with whom we can create, share, and development our plans.  With over 10 years of experience leading, coaching, and developing school leadership teams, I coach with personal field experience with every team and leader. 

I love developing personalized coaching support for school leaders and teams throughout their process.  Rather than provide you a pre-packaged, one-size-fits all plan, I will guide and affirm the choices you make to develop your own plan that fits the needs of your teachers, leaders, students, parents. and community. 

Workshops and Speaking Events

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To support school and district teams in this journey, I offer personalized workshops, sessions, and keynotes that guide you through various steps of this process. From district alignment to data analysis protocols, my sessions engage and guide educators with tangible steps to support the PLC process. Here is a sample of the types of workshops I lead:

  • Districtwide PLC Leadership Alignment​​

  • The Macro and Micro Levels of a PLC

  • PLC 101

  • Help! I'm a PLC Leader

  • Coaching a PLC

  • The Building Leader's Role with PLC

  • We Have the Data--Now What do We do With It?

  • Group Dynamics: The Secret to Successful PLCs

  • Developing your Annual Leadership Summit

  • PLCs for Smaller Districts

  • PLCs for High School

Blended Courses

Online learning course with built-in, live sessions

As we become more and more adept at flexible learning environments, our professional learning landscape for teams and educators needs to shift as well. Blended courses with both synchronous and asynchronous events may be the perfect option for the adult learning needs in your buildings and district. Based on the same content as my workshops and sessions, blended courses allow for shorter, more spread out learning experiences for teams. 

We can collaborate to co-create a blended course for teachers and leaders in your district, or you can choose from any of my pre-created courses (for an asynchronous experience for your teachers).  Courses typically run 4-6 weeks, with an average of 6-12 hours of learning for each course. My role is to customize and create the learning experience your staff needs based on where they are in the district alignment, PLC process.